Honest Mechanic Repair Services

Why we should work together…

When you work with George Bouris, Owner of 5 Star Automotive, and his team of Professionals, you get a proven, Trusted automotive repair team, with over 30 years of Automotive Experience.  Dedicated to helping thousands of families in Tampa Bay, be safe on the road, while keeping their second largest investment, ‘their car,’ longer!

George and his team, pride themselves on “always doing the right thing,” and with a No commission shop, they offer quality & fair priced maintenance and repairs, for your Car, SUV and or Commercial equipment.

Why Our Service is Better

Because we believe a happy customer is our best advertising. Honesty, Integrity, quality work and fair price are the key ingredients that keep bringing our customers back.

Highest Level of Customer Service

In today's fast-paced world, time is important. That's why we're committed to making car repair and maintenance as convenient as possible. We're open from 8 AM-5 PM Monday to Friday, and 8 AM -12 Noon on Saturdays. We also provide pick-up and delivery services, same day service, and a courtesy shuttle. We'll happily send digital photos of all repairs sent directly to your e-mail address, the level of our Customer Service is un-presented in the Industry.

It Makes Sense to be "Green"

Being a good neighbor means being responsible. At Five Star Auto Repair home of the Honest Mechanic, we take pride in using “best practice” processes that allows no spills, and proper disposal of all fluids. Nothing but clean water ever escapes our premises, so there is no chance of ground contamination.

We Look Different

We believe in straightforward, no non-sense approach to business. We do NO advertising; our trademarked Honest Mechanic slogan is the extent of the cost of our advertising budget. No hype, no gimmicks, no hassles. We want you to feel comfortable at Five Star Auto Repair the home of the Honest Mechanic.

Five Star Auto Repair the home of the Honest Mechanic, Trusted with your car repairs and maintenance for over 30 years.

Remeber! You can Schedule Maintenance, But You Can't Schedule Repairs.