Fleet Service

Automotive repair and fleet maintenance service: With today’s high cost of fuel and vehicle downtime, it’s more important than ever to have a vehicle service provider that will give your vehicles the immediate attention and fast service they require. That is what our Commercial Fleet Program is all about. We understand the importance of having your vehicles on the road producing revenue. We realize your business concerns about costly downtime. Therefore, we make it our business to help keep your business vehicles running. Inquire about the area fleets we currently serve. We are thrilled to provide you with the names and contact information of happy and satisfied fleet customers…


Below you will find a suggested Vehicle Maintenance Check List.
Please be sure to check your particular car’s owner manual before performing any maintenance yourself.

Air Conditioning
Alignments: Front, Four Wheel
Balance Tires
Battery Testing & Service
Brakes: ABS, Disc, Trailer
Check Engine Light
Clutch: Adjustment, Replacement
Cooling System
Cruise Control
Dash Lights
Diesel MPG Improvement
Diesel Repair
Door locks

Engine: Performance, Repair Replacement
Electric Windows
Electric Seats
Emission Improvements
Exhaust Systems
Factory Recall/Service Updates
Fuel System: Injectors, Pumps
Maintenance (preventive)
No Start Situations
Noise While Driving
Noise While Stopping
Noise While Turning
Odor Elimination

Oil Change
Rotate Tires
Shock Absorbers & Struts
Steering: Noise, Vibration
Trailer Hitches
Towing Packages
Transmission: Flush, Repair, Replacement
Tune-up: Performance Increased MPG
Rough Idle
Vacation Pre-Trip Inspections
Wiper Blades