Auto Repair Financing

Emergency Financing

We can help in an emergency to ease the sting of an auto repair
Computers and electronics control most of the mechanical components under the hood, and when a component fails, the replacement cost is often a burden to the budget. AAA reports that 25 percent of Americans couldn't cover a $2,000 repair bill if their car broke down today.
That's why Five Star Auto Repair home of the Honest Mechanic offers through Synchrony Bank a Credit Card, so you can spread payments out over several months and receive: 

0% financing for 6 months on any repair of $199 to $749

0% financing for 12 months on any repair of $750 or more.

Interested in applying, we're happy to help!









Nationwide Warranty

Your customers are covered for 24 Months / 24,000 Miles, no matter where they travel in North America

Roadside Assistance

Customers receive a year of complimentary ToYourRescue™ Roadside Assistance, any time, day or night.

Virtual Vehicle

This online program demonstrates over 350 technically-accurate failure mode animations, from simple maintenance procedures to complex repairs, in a way that customers can understand.

Synchrony Bank

Gives our customers 6 months with no interest on every purchase $699, and 0% interest for 12 months on every purchase of $750 and up.